Install BIOS update under Linux on the Dell XPS 13 9343 (2015)

BIOS update are important, you know that. Dell XPS 13 9343 (2015) receive them frequently with an always interesting change-log.

However Dell BIOS update file is shipped as an exe file. Too bad if you use Linux… But in fact it is fairly simple to install BIOS update under Linux on the Dell XPS 13 9343 without have to boot Windows.

First of all download the latest BIOS update of the Dell website.

Simply copy the 9343_BIOS_Rev_A0X.exe file to your EFI partition (/boot/efi) :

Then reboot your computer to the BIOS menu by pressing “F12” when the Dell Logo is displayed. Select “Bios Flash Update” and the update will be installed.

Hope this will help somes.

Thanks Pelo for the head up!



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  • I was trying this with my M3800 workstation but I don’t see the “Bios Flash Update” option. Just trying to understand why it would be different for me.

    • I am running in legacy BIOS mode in the setup so perhaps that’s the difference?

      • hg8

        Sorry for the late answer. If you are using Legacy mode you won’t be able to update your BIOS using this method. I recommend you to take a look here :

        • Thanks for replying. I switched it back to UEFI mode and I’m seeing the same boot prompts (that is, no “Bios Flash Update” option).

  • Karlos Nadamas

    I have dell Inspirion 15R 5521 with ubuntu 14.04, kernel , the last bios is 5521A14.exe
    the bios executable have the format .exe but doesnt work in the usb live. when the bios executable opened with zip program there are many files, but for me the main are for example :


    What is the bios file in that case?

    ps: sorry, my English isnt good

  • stuxnet

    i’m running arch and I need to update the bios…..this was exactly what i need. i have the 9343 and i’m upgrading to the A07 version. worked perfectly. million thanks.

  • Laurent Forêt

    +1 thanks.

  • kkp

    Thank you for your guide.
    Should I first update my BIOS with A05 and then with A07, or does the A07 “includes” the earlier one?
    Thanks a lot