Install Ubuntu 15.10 on the Dell XPS 13 9343 (2015) : A complete guide

Update 06/09/2016 : Dell released a new BIOS version (A09). Changelog is : Fixed CPU capped at 0.48GHz after resume from sleep with dell power companion, fixed touchpad may sometimes freeze in Setup and OS, fixed G/g password not response in BIOS setting issue, update suspend/resume protection.

Update 10/07/2016 : Updated a broken Bluetooth firmware link.

Update 28/11/2015 : A tool to disable automatic screen contrast as been uploaded on Github for users affected by the screen contrast issue (see here to test if this affect you). Since I never noticed this issue by myself, I have not tested this tool, but feedback are, as always, welcome 😉 Several users confirmed the tool works fine on 9343 & 9350 models.

Update 27/11/2015 : Dell uploaded a new BIOS version (A07). Changelog is : Improve Double Key issue & Add Support for Ubuntu PTT feature. This BIOS update seems to have completely fixed the keyboard repeat issue for some users.


Hi everyone!

Ubuntu 15.10 is out, it’s time for a quick overview and new  guide!

Ubuntu 15.10 brings a lot of changes. The most important is probably the usage of kernel 4.
On the Dell XPS 13 9343, some bugs have been fixed and some new bugs have appear. As usual, I will bring together all the information I have gathered to fix the remaining issue and make the Dell XPS 13 the most enjoyable Ubuntu experience possible.

I will describe how to do a fresh Ubuntu 15.10 installation. I have not tested the upgrade (15.04 -> 15.10), but I see no reason to meet problems doing so. If you have done it, please leave a feedback ! 🙂

In other news, after reading all the great feedback (open source drivers, better ranges, etc…) I have ordered an Intel 7265 wireless card . As soon as I got it installed, I will review it and write a small guide on how to install it. Stay tuned!

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[Quick Tip #3] Purge previously removed packages

If like me you install and test a lot of packages you may want to do a bit cleanup from time to time and purge previously removed packages.

You can list removed (but not purged) package by running :

And here is how you can purge those packages :



[Quick Tip #2] Find Ubuntu version of Live USB/CD without booting it.

If you often test Ubuntu using Live USB and Live CD you probably meet situation where you have a bunch a Live USB/CD lying around without remembering with Ubuntu version is on which USB/CD.

Here is a quick tip to find Ubuntu version of Live USB/CD without booting it that might be useful in this case.